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Why Most Gamblers Ignore Let It Ride Anyway

Despite the many virtues of Let It Ride, you’d be surprised at how many gamblers have simply never given the game a try.

The main reason for Let It Ride’s relative lack of popularity boils down to nothing more than scarcity. Based on the latest survey of Las Vegas casino table game pits, only a single venue (Harrah’s) in Sin City spreads more than two Let It Ride tables. Even then, Harrah’s only has four tables on the floor, while most casinos in Las Vegas limit their availability to only one lonesome installation.

Casino gamblers often play on impulse, and if they don’t see a Let It Ride sign flashing in their face, they won’t bother hunting it down.

Another reason recreational players shy away from Let It Ride is the perception that it’s more expensive than the other options.

Casual gamblers are accustomed to betting $5 minimum on a hand of blackjack, a roll of craps, or a spin on the roulette wheel – so staking $45 on a single Let It Ride hand is often a bridge too far.

What these players don’t realize is, based on the game’s cautious optimal strategy, you’ll be pulling two ante bets back on the majority of hands. That turns the most likely minimum bet to $15, which is far more in line with what recreational gamblers are comfortable with.

Unfortunately, until they try Let It Ride firsthand, most players leave the casino never knowing the difference.

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